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to get as many eyes on this as possible. brian todd is standing by on the phone. brian, what are you witnessing and hearing? >> anderson, we are behind the house on franklin street, some distance away, probably 300 yards away from a boat in a backyard that's being floodlit by law enforcement officers. they are yelling loudly to someone either in the boat or near it, come out, i just heard them say come out on your own terms. we also heard them say come out with your hands up. we got a little bit closer than we are now before we were waved away by law enforcement officers. we are being told now we have to cut out of here but we have a clear view of a boat that seems to be shrink-wrapped in some plastic, where they are focusing lights and we can hear officers yelling at someone who is either inside the boat or near it. >> brian, how long ago were the officers telling the suspect to come out? >> that was literally probably three minutes ago. we are now being pushed back by law enforcement. we are fading back a little bit behind a dumpster. but we're going to stay as close as we can. cle
of her neighbors in watertown. cheering police as they pulled out after the arrest. brian todd, cnn, watertown, massachusetts. >> that was at fenway park yesterday and people were still cheering police whenever they bump bumped into them. >> as they should. that was an inkrenl effort. >> london's marathon is happening this morning. more than 35,000 people will pass some of the world's most famous landmarks. >> runners honored a moment of silence for the victims. they wore black ribbons in their honor as well. here's a clip of that from the bbc. >> our senior international correspondent matthew chance is live near the tower bridge in london this morning. let's talk about all the extra security. what's being done to ensure the safety of the hundreds of thousands of people out today? >> reporter: quite a lot according to the police force in lond london. they say they have stepped up the number of uniformed patrol officers by 40% compared to last year. but i have to say, you're not seeing a lot of police in uniform along the streets here in central london with the tens of thousands of r
tonight. in boston, drew griffin, david mattingly and brian todd. in rhode island, erin pike. nick robertson with new in fact on the suspect's parents. here's what we know. obviously you get a sense of how loud and busy it is here in times square. sit an incredibly busy place. hundreds of thousands come here today. here's what we know about the alleged plot to bomb times square. the younger son, dzhokhar, told investigators he and his brother tamerlan were driving to new york the night they ended up in a gun fight with police after they killed a police officer and carjacked an suv. at first, he told investigators this trip was just to celebrate. but in later interrogations, when he was more lucid, he said they made a quote unquote spontaneous decision that night to use the bombs they had right here in times square. but even if it was a last-minute decision, new york city mayor michael bloomberg and police commissioner ray kelly said the attack could have been horrific. >> the two brothers had at their disposal six improvised explosive devices. one was a pressure cooker bomb similar
? >> thanks to you, jim. "outfront" next, brian todd has new details about the mystery man who may have convinced tamerlan tsarnaev to embrace a radical form of islam. plus, the mother of the two bombing suspects. she says the attacks were staged with red paint. with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show i
mattingly and brian todd. in rhode island, erin pike. nick robertson with new in fact on the suspect's parents. here's what we know. obviously you get a sense of how loud and busy it is here in times square. sit an incredibly busy place. hundreds of thousands come here today. here's what we know about the alleged plot to bomb times square. the younger son, dzhokhar, told investigators he and his brother the other two were pipe bombs. >> mary snow is here with me tonight. when you see all the people here, you realize this is the center of this city, if not beyond. what do you know about the details of the plan? >> there aren't many details, and the way the police commissioner and mayor described this, they were briefed by the fbi wednesday night. they said this was talk of targeting times square. and the police commissioner said that the way he described this plan was that it was spontaneous. but he was told that the brothers had talked about this after they had, you know, carjacked a car that mercedes suv, and that is when this discussion came up. let's take a listen to what he had t
that that was a connection to this bombing. but authorities were there for several hours according to our reporter brian todd, who is out there on the scene. we continue to see fire trucks. as they start to get to work to figure out why this happened and who might be responsible. >> peter, you were there moments after the blast 12 hours ago now. obviously a very different scene now. even at this hour we are now still hearing stories of those who survived this attack. some terrible first-hand accounts. >> walking over here you bump into person after person who said that, you know, it was a terrifying moment. i saw many people crying. take a listen to just one person who was interviewed after the incident today. >> there was a little girl and she was screaming and crying and her leg was bloody and she was screaming i need my mom, i need my mom. their instinct is to do what we can. we tell her to come with us but she doesn't want to leave because there is no mom. like i mentioned before, the four of us in a group, three of us physically carried strange children. children we didn't know. we physically carried th
the latest on the investigation. brian todd has new details on a mysterious man that tamerlan tsarnaev's family said had the most influence over him. and david mattingly following the money trail. so many want answers to this question. how did the brothers support themselves? and how long did they collect welfare from the state of massachusetts? aaron mcpike is in rhode island. tamerlan tsarnaev's wife is there. investigators are asking how could she have not known about the bombs? and we'll go overseas where nick robertson has the latest on the meeting today between u.s. officials and the bomber's parents. and joe johns is in washington with new information about what russian officials told the fbi and the cia. some damming details about whether our intelligence agencies may have dropped the ball. i want to begin with deb in boston. deb, what do we know about this visit from the parents? >> reporter: yeah, this is news that we just got. came across a couple moments ago. we're being told that russian newspaper is reporting that the two parents are going to be leaving their homes and co
. >> reporter: cnn's brian todd has done a lot of reporting from here in boston. he joins us now. you talked today with someone who knows the younger brother personally. what did she tell you? >> reporter: well, don, we are trying to piece together the relationship between the two brothers. from this friend and neighbors and others, we are getting pictures of two brothers that were alternately close and not so close. the friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev. she was a lifeguard with him in the spring and summer of 2011. she really liked him, gave no indication of doing something like this. she said they would jump off the diving board and race in the pool together. she did not meet the older brother but when i asked her to characterize the relationship two the two brothers and what the younger had to say about the older, here is what she had to say. >> i always got the sense from my conversations with dzhokhar, that maybe they were just two different people and that dzhokhar was trying to establish himself and create his own life. there was an effort to create some distance between himself and his ol
of thh boston bombinns.thissmornnng brian todd has the sttry. 3 their search for the ssadowy figgre knoww as "misha" has ttken iivestigators to rhode it'' not lear f the man who's here.. ii the radicalized tamerlan tsaanaev.y repootee chriitiin ccryl of the new york review of books interviewed aaman named mikhail aalakhverdoov whh said &pthaa he wws a convert to issa of parrially-armenianndescent, as missa's been escribed. interviewwd by feddral authorities-- who he saii were pbout to close his ase. hh tamerlan. he said, no i was -- - nnt hii teacher. i didn't instrrut him at anytthng and i hhs development. butti any f -3 couldn't get him to tell me anythinn mmre thhn that aaout &ptheir relationnsip. he was just agittted, and diin't want tt o into detailss"(stann up) and a crush of other reporters he merred from the aaartmmnt l- riihard nicholson said hh y representee the arrets f aa pannhh ideenifieddas "mmke" also been interviewed by llw e enforcement."i suupecc they pill be aaked additional investigatiin."but law losing enforcement sources have not same 'misha' who
miles from downtown boston. >> brian todd joins us on the line can you tell us, are police still there on the scene? >> reporter: yes, they are still on the scene. state police are here. possibly other local police and possibly federal officials on the scene. they have been here for several hours investigating, we're told, one apartment here on ocean avenue they did not say what they were looking at or who they are talking to. we asked a short time ago if anyone had been arrested and they would not answer that question. what we're told is that the police and other officials have been here since about 5:30 this afternoon. but when we got into the lobby and started to ask state police questions, one of the state police top officials, one of their superior officers came down and said basically that all the questions had to be referred to the fbi and they pretty much shooed us out of the lobby. they have been here for several hours. >> take us into the apartment complex. >> the fbi bomb squad, cars with dogs, have you seen that? >> reporter: we have seen a little bit of it. we spoke
was killed in the manhunt, as you heard us just discuss with erin. >> as brian todd reports, his beliefs and his behavior took a radical turn in the run-up to the boston attack. >> reporter: new information on tamerlan tsarnaev's perspective on islam. january 18th, friday prayers at the islamic society of boston's mosque in cambridge. a mosque leader is giving a service, ex-tolling the virtues of the profit mohammed and martin luther king jr. according to mosque officials, it was too much for tamerlan tsarnaev. >> some people said that he said something to the effect that you cannot, you know, compare or make a parallel between a prophet and a non-muslim. some people said that he referred to the person who was giving the sermon as a hypocrite. >> reporter: he says the disruption was a clear violation of mosque etiquette. he said people in attendance explained that to tamerlan tsarnaev, told him to back off. mosque officials say it was the second time he had objected to something said at a sermon. we pressed them. were there any red flags that tamerlan tsarnaev had been radicalized? >> un
the fbi has spoken with him as well. we have more now from brian todd. >> reporter: their search for the shadowy figure known as misha has taken investigators to rhode island. but it's not clear if the man who is here is the same misha who relatives say radicalized tamerlan tsarnaev. reporter christian caryl of the new york review of books interviewed a man who said he had known tamerlan tsarnaev, that he was a convert to islam of partially armenian descent as misha has been described. he said he had been interviewed by federal authorities, who he said were about to close his case. he told caryl h role in the boston marathon bombings and -- >> he denied very emphatically that he was a teacher of tamerlan tsarnaev. he said no, i was not his teacher, i didn't instruct him in anything, i had nothing to do with any of his development, but i couldn't get him to tell me anything more than that about their relationship. he was just extremely agitated and didn't want to go into details. >> reporter: that interview brought us and a crush of other reporters to this apartment complex in wes
you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ >>> a marathon security presence cnn's brian todd is working the story for us. brian, what are you finding out? >> reporter: new information tonight the level of security. we are told police had stepped up their presence. a boston law enforcement official tells cnn, 70 to 75 more police officers were deployed for this year's boston marathon than were on the streets last year. the official says between city, state and other law enforcement agencies, there were more than 1,000 officers and soldiers deployed before the explosions. the police commissioner says this about the spot where the blasts occurred. >> the finish line this year and assigned more officers down in thatarea. if you look at the videotapes you can see that. >> that includes canine units, air patrols and -- what's going on on the rooftops. >> you'll see officers with high powered rifles and binoculars deployed and they may move from one location to another. >> former boston police lewis tom nowlan worked 30 boston that are thons--nowlan says given the information boston police had
by minute. cnn's brian todd and his crew, they were the only people on the scene only yards away as they brought us some amazing sounds and images and brian is joining us right now to tell us how it all played out. brian, you got very, very close. you were the only real non-law enforcement personnel as close to the scene as you managed to get, but tell us what you saw and what you heard. >> reporter: wolf we saw the final negotiations between the police and the suspect, just as this was playing out in its most dramatic moment, we have some new elements to show you from that final exchange. we got there just as it was all playing out, pretty much at the very end. as he was cornered, happe corne tsarnaev, police say engaged with gunfire. it went on for several minutes and police lobbed in flash bang percussions to stun him. in the end, authorities showed their determination to capture the suspect alive. listen to officers negotiating with him as he is holed up inside a boat in a backyard in watertown. we snaked through alice and back lots to get to within a couple hundred yards of
and stun grenades in a suburban backyard. brian todd walks us through the final moments before the capture. >> reporter: in the end after the gunfire and the flash bangs, authorities showed their determination to capture dzhokhar tsarnaev alive. listen to officers negotiating with the suspect as he's holed up inside a boat in a backyard in watertown. we snaked through alleys and back lots to get to within a couple hundred yards of the boat. as we shot this exclusive video, police rushed us saying we were in the cross fire zone. >> clear out. >> reporter: it was just minutes later that police captured tsarnaev. he had lost blood and was weakened but authorities say he engaged them with gunfire. the entire neighborhood was on lockdown. residents te residents terrified as law enforcement went door to door. this is one of the houses where police were combing through the neighborhood looking for the suspect. this is eddie beck's house. he took us through what it was like when s.w.a.t. teams came through here. >> they came in and searched the living room area, dining room, went through all of th
not quietly. brian todd now with a recap of the final moments of the standoff that brought down the surviving boston terrorist attack suspect. >> reporter: in the end, after the gunfire and the flash bangs, authorities showed their determination to capture dzhokhar tsarni alive. he was hold up inside a both in watertown. we snaked through alleys and back lots to get near the boat. as we shot exclusive video, police rushed us saying we were in the crossfire zone. >> clear out, okay? come on, i said please. >> reporter: minutes later they captured tsarnaev. he had put up a fight in the backyard, engaging them with gunfire. the entire neighborhood was on lockdown. residents terrified as law enforcement went door to door. after the standoff, we spoke to neighbors. here on cyprus street, this is one of the houses police were combing through the neighborhood looking for the suspect. this is eddie beck's house, he took us through what it was like when s.w.a.t. teams came through. >> they searched living room, dining room, went through the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen area. >> they searched cabinets?
in a neighborhood in watertown, just outside of boston. but he did not go quietly. brian todd has details for you. >> reporter: as he was cornered, he engaged police with gunfire. it went on for several minutes and police lobbed in flash bang percussions to stun him. in the end, authorities showed their determination to catch the suspect live. listen to officers negotiate with him as he's holed up inside a boat. >> reporter: we snaked through alleys and back lots to get to within a couple hundred yards of the boat. there was a word of reassurance during negotiations. and an appeal to someone they knew was in pain. as we shot this exclusive video, police rushed us, saying we were in the cross fire zone. >> clear out, okay? >> reporter: it was just minutes later police captured tsarnaev. he had lost blood, weakened. these pictureks show thermal images from a helicopter as he hid in the boat. the entire neighborhood had been on lockdown. after the standoff, we spoke to neighbors. this is one of the houses where police were combing through the neighborhood, looking through the suspect. this is eddie
negotiations on tape, and brian todd has that. >> reporter: as he was cornered, dzhokhar tsarnaev, police said, engaged them with gunfire. it went on for several minutes, and police lobbed in flash bang procushi prucushions to stun him. in the end, authorities showed their determination to capture the suspect alive. listen to officers negotiating with him as he's holed up inside a boat in a backyard in watertown. >> come out on your own terms. >> we snaked through alleys and back lots to get to within a couple hundred yards of the boat. during negotiate eggs, there was a word of assurance and an appeal to someone they knew was in pain. as we shot this exclusive video, police rushed us, saying we were in the cross fire zone. >> clear out, okay? >> it was just minutes later that police captured tsarnaev. he had lost blood, was weakened. these pictures from the massachusetts state police show thermal imaging from a police helicopter of the suspect as he hid in a boat. the entire neighborhood had been in lockdown. law enforcement went door to door. after the standoff, we spoke to neighbors. this i
at home in cambridge, a shadowy figure known as misha. it's the russian nickname for michael. brian todd has been working that angle. he joins us now. i've heard a lot about it in the last 24 hours about it. what do we know about him, and do you buy his influence? >> we have an indication that he exists. it's not that clear that he does it's from a former brother-in-law that wolf blitzer spoke to today. he said he met this person twice, he was introduced to him. he witnessed some of the conversations. he says he didn't witness him, quote, radicalizing tamerlan but he did say that he saw him speaking to him about things that could maybe turn him in that direction. he said, he's not suspected that this guy had any terrorist leanings but he saw him, he spoke to him and he met him. that's about the most tangible evidence that we have that exists. >> i saw that interview, the brother-in-law admits he has not seen tamerlan in the last two years, but he's talked to his father, and his father had expressed some concern about this guy? >> that's right. he said this to other news organizations tha
, all angles of the investigation "outfront" in boston. susan candiotti and brian todd on the investigation. in rhode island, erin mcpipe with the newe estimatioest info his widow. first, to susan candiotti in boston. another potential breakthrough for ininvestigatorininvestigato. tonight, you have new information about specific evidence in the case. >> that's right. we're learni ining about a new that at least one fingerprint has been found on one of those bombs that was used during the boston marathon. now, at last word, there is no information about to whom that belongs, but of course, this could be a key piece of evidence for investigators as they put together their case. also at last check, we don't have any word as to whether there's been a match about that female dna that was also found on a part of one of the pressure cooker bombs. still looking into that as well, but that of course is another important piece of evidence, erin. >> and going to be crucial as we're awaiting that dna evidence to come back. i also know there has been talk about whether there's any p
in cnn's brian todd in copley square. brian, you're a few yards from where the bombs exploded. that's attracting a lot of attention and foot traffic right now. we were told earlier dzhokhar tsarnaev might be formally charged today. that's not the case. so when is it? >> reporter: it could come in the next couple days. we have to emphasize what you reported minutes ago. he's under sedation, unable to communicate verbally. he's in the intensive care unit of beth israel hospital here. our susan candiotti citing a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case saying dzhokhar tsarnaev was shot in the side of the neck. unclear whether that came during friday night's takedown of him when he was captured or shootout he and his brother had thursday night into friday morning with police in the streets of watertown. right now no charges were filed today. we heard rumblings there may be charges filed today. ended up not being the case, don. maybe in the next couple of days. >> all right. let's talk about the bombs. you have learned something new, something about where they came from, bria
. live right now to cnn's brian todd live in copley square, boston. brian, most of the day people were expecting dzhokhar tsarnaev to be formally charged even though he's in the hospital and that didn't happen today. so when is it going to happen? >> reporter: don, we believe it could happen in the next few days. one of the key reasons why he was not charged today is he's not able to communicate verbally. he's under sedation. he's intubated. he is in serious condition at beth israel hospital. a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told our susan candiotti earlier that he had been shot in the neck. it is not clear if that gunshot wound came in the thursday night to friday morning shootout he was involved in with his brother or during the friday evening takedown when he was finally captured, but those are some of the reasons that maybe they could not level charges against him, formal charges against him tonight. that could come in the coming days, don. >> so talk about the bombs, brian. you've learned something about where they came from? >>. >> reporter: that's r
to one of the suspects. let's go straight to cnn's brian todd in boston with all the latest developments. brian? >> wolf, this according to a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation telling our cnn's susan candiotti that investigators this afternoon have been searching this landfill in new bedford, massachusetts. this landfill is near the dorm where dzhokhar tsarnaev, the younger of the two suspects, stayed at the university of massachusetts at dartmouth. what are they looking for? according to this official they're looking for his laptop. they say that the official says both brothers are believed to have detonated their devices, detonated the bombs with their own devices so they are looking for this -- through this landfill for dzhokhar tsarnaev's laptop and it could be a lead that could take them to maybe searching to finding the detonation devices or the detonation triggers for the bombs. this lead according to this official came from dzhokhar tsarnaev himself. in other details of the investigation today that we're getting we did see some video today for our first gli
a couple years ago. brian todd, cnn, boston. >> our thanks to brian todd. now more news about the victims of this attack. sadly in stead of graduation a memorial for lingzi lu at boston university. ♪ last night's service included music from her piano teacher, also loving words from her roommate who said they became fast, inseparable friends. >> we were long last sisters and could not wait to begin our adventure in boston. >> i was so grateful that i found such a lovely sister in my life, but i had no idea that this friendship could only last one year. >> such a loss. friends and family of krystle campbell also said their good-byes, hundreds of people lined the streets as the hearse approached. no funeral has been set for 8-year-old martin richard. hundreds turned out for a wake for sean collier and a public memorial service is scheduled tomorrow. vice president joe biden and jill biden are set to attend. >> so tragic. thank you, john. 48 minutes past the hour. still ahead airline passengers will have to keep their knives, bats and golf clubs at home at least for a while longer. why the
something like this was wrong. >> brian todd's joining us now from rhode island as well. brian, what can you tell us as misha? because when iinterviewed the former brother-in-law of the tsarnaev brothers, he insisted that misha i effect was responsible foring tamerlan tsarnaev into a radical muslim, if you will. >> that's right, wolf. that's what relatives have been telling us, to you and to some of our other people who have interviewed various relatives in the united states and elsewhere. this misha still seems to be an illusive character. what we do know is a reporter for the books interviewed someone in west warwick, rhode island, who thi reporter and in his article claims is the misha in question, but it not clear at all at this point if this is the misha in question. law enforcement authorities a little cage about whether this is the right personr not. we've been staking out this person's apartment in west rho time ago. parents' apartment, this is an apartment we identified as being the parents of this person. an attorney went into the apartment, stayed there for a while, came out and
. thank you very much, drew. i want to go to brian todd, also in boston to talk about the brothers religious background which drew mentioned. brian, you have new information about a visit the older brother tamerlan made to a mosque in january. what happened at that incident? that one really sticks out, right? >> it does, erin. there were actually two incidents. there were a couple of outbursts that the older suspect tamerlan tsarnaev had at the mosque. this was in cambridge where the older brother attended prayers mostly on fridays. but back in november he had one apparent outburst where he got up and objected to something that was said. that wasn't the real more inflamatory one. the more inflamatory one came on january 18th, a friday. it was around the time of the martin luther king holiday. at that time mosque officials say the person giving the sermon was kind of psycholoextolling t virtues of martin luther king. well that was a little bit too much for tamerlan tsarnaev. one of the board members of the mosque explained what happened next. >> some people said that he said somethi
more about him could give us a better understanding of what he just might be capable of. brian todd has a look at kim jong-un and his family dynamic. >> reporter: how did we end up with such a young dictator menacing the world? it's a twisted tale of a third son born analysts say to kim jong-il's mistress. kim jong-un reported to have been pampered as a young man, sent to boarding school in switzerland, developed an affinity for james bond and the nba hence the recent dennis rodman visit. he spent virtually no time in north korea's army when his father elevated him to a general's rank in 2010. that was one of the first signs kim had leapfrogged his two older brothers. why? on the eldest believed to be about 41. >> kim jung nam made the mistake of taking his playboy lifestyle abroad and arrested in 2001. and the japanese police spent hours and hours with him, which means the cia and other intelligence services learned a lot about him. >> reporter: he's a gambler, lives in macaw, speaks to journalists too much for the family's liking. >> they can't kill him, but they can't let him run the
jung-un's supporters are young people because they're taught at a young age to hate america. brian todd met one man who went through it as a child. >> reporter: a captivating sight in pyongyang on friday. they pledge a liegeance to the state and get their red scarves. at another similar event, a young lady could barely get her words out. >> translator: my heart is pounding. the first time seeing the leader and i'm deeply touched by his love and care. >> look familiar to you? >> what i did all the time when i was in north korea. >> reporter: daniel choy grew up. from as early as he could remember he had to sing songs at school paying homage to kim jung-un. he had to visit monuments in their honor and bow before them. kids who failed to tow the line saw this happen to their families. >> they were sent to farms or very cold place. >> reporter: an official with amnesty internationm said north korean children are meant to monitor each other. even math class involved propaganda. >> five american, american soldier in north korea and brave north koreans kill them all, kill them all the american
today and brian todd with new details on where the bombers may have purchased their explosives. and david mattingly with new clues on what prompted tsarnaev's radicalization right here in the united states. and then, nic robber ton is going to travel to dagestan where tamerlan spent six months doing what? and new details on katherine russell. finally, here in new york, deb feyerick on tam ran's connection to a bizarre, unsolved triple murder case. i want to begin with jake tapper in boston. what have you learned about what dzhokhar is telling investigators? i know there's been preliminary interviews and you've been getting the nuts and bolts and details about how they have been communicating and what he said. >> reporter: that's right, erin. u.s. government official has relayed to me some of the news from dzhokhar tsarnaev in his discussions with investigators. we learned last night that he was talking about how there were no foreign terrorist organize sgra zagss involved, that his brother was the driving force and jihad in nature considering themselves to be under attack as mu
. brian todd has been investigating this, working up a profile. do we know anything about this guy? >> we know very little, anderson. we don't know the actual full name of misha. the brother-in-law of the two suspects was asked about this. he said he doesn't know the full name. the uncle, ruslan tsarni did not know about him. but he says he thinks he brainwasheded tamerlan tsarnaev. >> the uncle admitted he hasn't seen either brother for years. so how does he know anything? >> this comes from discussions with the family the uncle has had in recent days. >> so -- recent days. >> including the brother-in-law. the former brother-in-law is a pretty good source for information, the gentleman who wolf blitzer talked to, who as you heard, said he met him twice. that tamerlan introduced him to him and to other news organizations, this brother-in-law has said that at one point the father came home one night and saw this misha speaking to his son and was fairly upset and said what is he doing here, let's get him out of here. so apparently did cause some family tension. we have tried to find this pe
front federal medical center where dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held. jake tapper and brian todd in boston. and we have new virginia of tamerlan tsarnaev's wife. nick peyton walsh is in dagestan and london. dan rivers with an "out front" investigation on how terror groups are using social media to recruit new members. this magazine only available on line. first i want to go to jason carroll, outside federal medical center in devens. where dzhokhar tsarnaev was transferred early, 3:00 a.m. 30 miles northwest of the hospital where he had been held. jason, what do you know about his condition right now? >> reporter: well, what i can tell you is this -- his condition has improved. i think you remember on monday when he wasold about the charges that he was facing at his bedside, he was able to nod. when asked if he could afford an attorney, he said no. his condition has stabilized much more since then. he's able to sit up, able to communicate more than he was on monday. his condition has stabilized so much that u.s. marshals were able to handcuff him, bring him here to this facility where he we
as anyone else right now. brian todd, cnn, boston. >> that's it for me, thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern for a special cnn "the situation room." our coverage here in "cnn newsroom" continues with anderson cooper right after a quick break. ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma, or can not empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swells. toviaz can cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and decreased sweating. do not drive, operate machinery or do unsafe tasks until you know how toviaz affects you. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipat
and rescue operation continues. brian todd is over there in the small town of west, texas. what is the latest? >> wolf, officials are still combing through the mountains of rubble in the town of west. we have new aerials to show you of just the extent of the damage. it levelled much of the town. officials say they're combing through an apartment complex, a nursing home, the plant itself looking for survivors. i just spoke a short time ago to jeff saunders, a top search and rescue team in this area. he said his teams have combed through 70 plus structures. they found no victims yet. he said the evacuation went very well. you mentioned some numbers. earlier today, officials were giving some casualty numbers. they're starting to stray away from those now. they said that earlier today 5 to 15 people have died, 160 injured. late today they were not giving hard numbers, wolf. they don't want to really give a lot of numbers yet. they're not sure. they still have a lot to go through. also, the presence of amonium nitrate in the air still complicating matters for the first responders. so some of the h
companies with brands that you'll recognize do business in south korea. as our brian todd discovers, u.s. businesses stand to lose billions of dollars if things get worse. >> reporter: north korea's tied of threats has at least one american company thinking, what's next? the head of general motors is responsible for 17,000 workers at five plants in south korea, asked by cnbc recently if gm might move production or make other contingencies if things get worse -- >> you have to think about where you have the continuity of supply and safety of your assets and your employees. so, it's a concern to everybody. >> reporter: contacted by cnn, a spokesman for gm declined to say what contingencies are making. she told us what american companies did then. >> companies wanted to make sure they had latest e-mails of all of their employees, latest addresses of where everyone lived and then starting looking at supply chain. >> reporter: some americans were evacuated to japan then. most analysts don't think they will happen now. but gm and other american companies have a lot to lose if tension escalat
er so these things can be incredibly fast moving. >> hold it. we have breaking news from brian todd. he's on the ground. police are surrounding a property can you bring us up to speed on what is going on? >> yes, we are at an apartment building on ocean avenue in the town of revere, massachusetts. a couple of miles northeast. state police are here checking out an apartment. we got to the lobby of the building and spoke off camera with a couple of state police officials who confirmed they were checking out one apartment. we asked for more information and they would not give it but one of their superiors said all the questions have to go to the fbi and they shooed us out of the lobby. a young lady told thaus the authorities had been on site here at least since 5:00 p.m. and she and her family were worried and scared by the presence of the law enforcement officers. whether this is a solid lead we don't know. we do know that state police are checking out an apartment from ocean avenue. >> i had the police had detected somebody behaving erratically i think in a car. going through several
on a null day. brian todd joins us with exclusive details. >> tell me what saw and heard? >> the police told us to get out of there because we were in the cross fire zone, brooke. we got about 200 yards from the boat. they were saying things like come out with your hands up, we know that you're in there. come out on your own terms. he tid engage them. he had been weakened with a loss of blood. there were a lot of offices swarming the area. he was considered very violent. they didn't know whether he would have explosives on him. it was a very, very intense moment there. soo that's another kind of how it all came down. pretty much in the 8:00 eastern hour. ironically, kind of just minutes after authorities had completed a news conference. he heard some gunfire and the police and just rushed to the scene. it's as if it was also time. it's how it unfolds about 7:00 and 9:00 eastern hours. brooke? >> brian, let's just walk back a step. tell me why police had honed in. what happened there? >> this was 12 or 17 hours earlier. and then, come into this area where they engaged in a standoff, a very, v
in the boston marathon bombing is in custody. brian todd has the exclusive images documenting the capture of jahar tsarnaev friday night. officers are negotiating with the saw sparks and aziz held inside a boat. >> , a out on your own terms. >> they when through back yards to get to the boat and police were rushing them. >> are you ok? >> reporter: it is just minutes later that they captured him. he had lost blood, was week but had put up a fight in that backyard. in gauging and gunfire and the entire neighborhood was on lockdown. as officers went door-to-door terrified. >> on the cypress street they were combing through this suspect. this is a resident of watertown. >> they searched the living room area. the dining room, the bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen. >> reporter: or the searching to the cabinets? >> not through the output of the bedrooms, closet doors and making their way to the back. >> reporter: this is his own footage. during these moments they did not know where he was or if he was carrying explosives on his body. >> knowing that they had him surrounded and so close to our ne
pleased to have a chance to do that because it was one of their officers who was brian todd in watertown for us, excellent report. we continue to pray for healing and for comfort on the long road that lies ahead for every victim and their loved ones. this is dzhokhar tsarnaev inside an ambulance last night. now under heavy guard at a medical center where some of the people he allegedly harmed have also been receiving care. want to go to elizabeth cohen, she's outside the hospital. there are new details about his injuries since i last spoke with you. what do you know? >> these are very important details from deborah feyerick and susan candiotti. he has wounds to his throat. and this is very, very important. he is intubated and sedated. what that means is he has a tube going down his throat that's attached to a ventilator that breathes for him. often doctors will intubate someone and put them on a ventilator to take the strain away if a machine breathes for them. this explains why governor deval patrick says he can't communicate right now. elizabeth, give us an update on the bombing surviv
are learning more about the relationship between the two tsarnaev brothers and their views on islam. brian todd has that. >> reporter: new information on tamerlan tsarnaev's spoevs on islam. january 18th friday prayers in cambridge, a mosque leader is giving a service extolling the prophet mohamed and it was too much for tamerlan tsarnaev. >> some people said something to the fact that he said you cannot compare or make a parallel between a prophet and a nonmuslim. some people said he referred to the person giving the sermon as a hypocrite. >> the disturbance was a clear violation of mosque ed etiquette and people told him to back off. we pressed them were there any red flags he was radicalized? >> there were no indications and if trained specialists from the fbi were not able to see anything, i'm -- you know, i'm sure you can understand how people who are merely acquainted with these individuals, seeing them sporadically at prayers would not see, you know, anything of this nature as well. >> mosque officials say that dzhokhar tsarnaev never came without his brother. and tamerlan tsarnaev was t
a gun. he is simply trying to stop random violence, brian. >> chuck todd traveling with the president tonight in connecticut. chuck, thanks. >>> this evening a new kind of countdown is under way as the world watches north korea yet again. it is believed they are preparing for the test launch of a missile after weeks of threats toward their neighbors and under the leadership of this untested leader, not yet 30 years old. it is why the free world is watching so closely. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel monitoring developments live from seoul, south korea, again for us tonight. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. north korea said it will pull its $50,000 workers from a joint economic zone. it had been operating with the south as officials in this country braced for that missile test perhaps this week. defenses across asia are at the ready. japan with anti-missile batteries now in place says it will shoot down any north korean missile that threatens its territory. the u.s., with two american warships and a land-based missile interceptor now in the region
. fears as much as 35 people may have died. brian todd is in the city of west with more details. brian. >> reporter: piers, today, when the sun came up we got clearer, new pictures of just the level of devastation in the town of west. whole city blocks have been leveled by this explosion. you could feel this blast from 50 miles away. new pictures coming in from youtube and other sources. and some of our media teams were able to get a brief tour inside the zone, but not very long. the access is limited. but you can see just the level of level of devastation of entire houses, roofs torn off, siding blown in, things like that. a couple hours ago we went to a candlelight vigil here in west. one of the catholic churches here, st. mary's catholic church, hundreds of people packed inside. it was very emotional. tears all over the place as two of the local pastors spoke briefly and gave a sermon. it was there that we caught up with steve vanek, one of the first people on the scene after the blast. he was about a quarter mile away. when the blast occurred he was about a quarter mile away. by hi
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